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bullet uPVC Column Pipes.
bullet CPVC Pipes & Fittings.
bullet uPVC ASTM-D Pipes & Fittings.
bullet PVC & CPVC Ball Valves
bullet uPVC SWR Pipes &Fittings.
bullet H.D.P.E Pipes.
bullet PVC Suction & Delivery Pipes.
bullet PVC Braided / Rock Drill Pipes.
  PVC Power Spray / Welding pipes.
bullet PVC Tubing / Lay Flat tubes.
bullet Corrugated Flexible Pipes.
bullet uPVC Rigid Pipes.
bullet uPVC Casing Pipes
bullet PVC Duct pipes
Rigid uPVC Pipes
rigidDUROPLAST Rigid uPVC Pipes are manufactured confirming to IS 4985 : 2000. They are light in weight, easy to handle and install with free flow properties. Ideal for transportation of water and other liquids. Compared to any other piping material, these non toxic pipes are rigid, strong and available in longer lengths, yet light in weight. Promising a tension free experience for hassle-free plumbing needs. The cost effectiveness very exemplary, since it is corrosion free giving a genuine longer life with easy or no maintenance, as there is no scaling abrasion as pitting.
Agricultural & Irrigation Schemes
Rural & Urban Water Supply Schemes
Telecommunication Cable Ducting
Industrial Effluent disposal
Sewage & Drainage Schemes   
Building Installation
Domestic Plumbing
Standard Length
6 mtrs. with plane or socketed at one end.
Pressure Class
2.4, 4.0, 6.0, 8.0 & 10.0 kgf / cm2
Size : 20 mm to 200 mm.