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bullet uPVC Column Pipes.
bullet CPVC Pipes & Fittings.
bullet uPVC ASTM-D Pipes & Fittings.
bullet PVC & CPVC Ball Valves
bullet uPVC SWR Pipes &Fittings.
bullet H.D.P.E Pipes.
bullet PVC Suction & Delivery Pipes.
bullet PVC Braided / Rock Drill Pipes.
  PVC Power Spray / Welding pipes.
bullet PVC Tubing / Lay Flat tubes.
bullet Corrugated Flexible Pipes.
bullet uPVC Rigid Pipes.
bullet uPVC Casing Pipes
bullet PVC Duct pipes
Steel Wire Reinforced PVC Pipes
DUROFLEX offers a wide range of Insulated steel wire reinforced flexi tube vinyl
pipes & conduit of international standard. These pipes have good mechanical strength.
That is why they are used for conduiting electrical wiring, suction, ducting, exhaust of fumes
& other industrial uses.
Light in weight
Resistant to most Alkalis & Acids
No corrosion
No paint required
Dust & water proof
Good Mechanical Strength
Can be bent on its own axis
Wide applications, Durable
Machinery tool wiring conduits
Dust collectors for vacuum cleaners
Air ducting for low temperature
Gas or fume (low temperature) removal
Low pressure air intakes
Electrical conduiting for boards & panels
Hospital cleaning equipment
Shrouds for railway coach wiring
Rags collector hoses for Industry, machinery
Dust In takers for wood machinery
  Sizes: 10 mm to 200 mm.