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  Lenovo CPS
Manufacturers Of:
bullet uPVC Column Pipes.
bullet CPVC Pipes & Fittings.
bullet uPVC ASTM-D Pipes & Fittings.
bullet PVC & CPVC Ball Valves
bullet uPVC SWR Pipes &Fittings.
bullet H.D.P.E Pipes.
bullet PVC Suction & Delivery Pipes.
bullet PVC Braided / Rock Drill Pipes.
  PVC Power Spray / Welding pipes.
bullet PVC Tubing / Lay Flat tubes.
bullet Corrugated Flexible Pipes.
bullet uPVC Rigid Pipes.
bullet uPVC Casing Pipes
bullet PVC Duct pipes

PVC Suction Pipes, PVC Braided Pipes, High pressure Power Spray Pipes, PVC Tubing, PVC Garden / Water Pipes, uPVC Column Pipes, uPVC ASTM-D Pipes & Fittings, uPVC SWR Pipes & Fittings, HDPE Pipes, PVC & Steel Wire Duct Pipes, Flexible Corrugated Pipes, Lay Flat Tubes, Rigid uPVC Pipes, PVC Casing Pipes & PVC Water Stopper,

Shand Group products conform to highest levels in quality and are tested for strength and durability under the most stringent international standards. The in-house research and development laboratory works in congruence with our technical feedback and support of our strong marketing network. We incorporate innovations before they become apparent in the market. Shand Group is focused on brand reinforcement in the market. Innovative designs, superb function, exceptional handling response are the guidelines we follow.