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bullet uPVC Column Pipes.
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bullet uPVC ASTM-D Pipes & Fittings.
bullet PVC & CPVC Ball Valves
bullet uPVC SWR Pipes &Fittings.
bullet H.D.P.E Pipes.
bullet PVC Suction & Delivery Pipes.
bullet PVC Braided / Rock Drill Pipes.
  PVC Power Spray / Welding pipes.
bullet PVC Tubing / Lay Flat tubes.
bullet Corrugated Flexible Pipes.
bullet uPVC Rigid Pipes.
bullet uPVC Casing Pipes
bullet PVC Duct pipes
Flexible Corrugated Pipes
corrugatedDuroflex corrugated pipes, a product developed to match the various needs. It has excellent flexibility, high ring stiffness and crush resistance, low bending radius, non rusting, chemical and corrosion resistant, easy handling & long lasting.
Open and concealed wiring for domestic & residential buildings, office complexes, industries, auditoriums, shopping malls etc.
In domestic and medium duty industry.
In washing machines as inlet & outlet pipes.
Vacuum cleaners as air ducting pipes.
In water coolers, desert coolers, air conditioners & sanitary applications as wash basin pipes.
Air Condition engineering : used in window and split air conditioning, water circulation & drainage purposes.
General purposes, anti-corrosive and ornate applications.
Sizes: 16 mm to 50 mm.